The first gameplay trailer for Endless Dungeon

At the start of the Summer Games Festival, we were thrilled to present our tantalizing first minute gameplay titled “Endless Dungeon”. The Endless Universe is back in action – and it’s pretty wild!

What happened? Well, you’ve sunk into a mysterious space station. You have to recruit a team of heroes and protect your crystal against the endless waves of monsters. Or you may die trying, just reload and try again!

For those who prefer writing, here are the basic rules we’ve covered so far:

  • base 1 – Certain weapons work better against some monsters. This is the only way to get a head start on this double stick action!

  • Rule #2 The crystal must be protected with full force – by building towers. Because if it crashes, you immediately disconnect.

  • Rule #3 Teamwork makes dream work. Players control an entire squad alone or they can test their skills with friends in a multiplayer game.

  • Rule #4 – You should always adapt the forces by unlocking new heroes and switching them as you wish!

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