NASA terminates contract with SpaceX due to lawsuit

The deal between NASA and SpaceX to build the lunar orbit was officially terminated on August 16 following a lawsuit filed by Jeff Bezos and Blue Origins.

The case of Blue Origin has reached federal court in the United States and confirms that the entire process carried out in the tender won by SpaceX was irregular. So, NASA Gave a statement to Reuters In it they say they have reached an agreement “with all parties involved” so that the process can be carried out quickly.

The case already has a deadline, which, according to NASA, should not extend beyond November 1, 2021. Further, the space agency says it will work with the judiciary to review all details of the case.

The contract in question was awarded to SpaceX for $ 2.9 billion and Jeff Bezos, who was part of the tender, immediately created the denial of Blue Origins.

According to Bezos, the original intent was that the two independent companies should have their own rivalry to create the lunar block. However, in selecting the SpaceX proposal, NASA closed the doors of the Blue Origins, which, according to the Amazon owner, “broke the shape of NASA’s successful commercial space programs by ending significant competition over many years.”

Disabling the contract and subsequent testing means that a new arrival on the moon will be further delayed. NASA’s plan is to bring astronauts to the satellite in 2024 with the Artemis mission, but that plan may have to change as this episode closes with Blue Origins and SpaceX.

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