video.  A police officer rescues a stray dog ​​from a flood in Buenos Aires

Amidst the chaos that recent torrential rains have brought to the city of Buenos Aires, a beautiful story emerges from the Villa Zavaleta neighborhood.

The Minister of Justice and Security of the City of Buenos Aires himself shared this moment on his social networks.

big heart

It's about saving a dog in difficulty. the people Carla Saavedraknown for her commitment and love of animals, was on duty when she saw A An animal in danger.

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The woman had no problem stepping into the turbulent waters to rescue the little dog that was about to be swept away by the current.

This gesture was immortalized in a video clip that spread like wildfire on social media. Within a few hours, the news spread widely, and dozens of Argentine and international media outlets reported the news.

Thanks to the community

The community reacted with gratitude and admiration to Saavedra's move to save the dog that was in danger of drowning, stressing the importance of police work and solidarity in times of crisis.

The rescue also highlights the need to care not only for citizens but also for animals affected by natural disaster situations.

Floods in Buenos Aires

In Buenos Aires and surrounding areas, heavy rains caused major flooding, closed roads and caused property damage. Several areas of the city and the province were seriously affected.

Evacuations were also reported, with about 300 people forced to leave their homes in La Plata, one of the areas most affected by the rain.

The National Weather Service is maintaining a thunderstorm warning, recommending residents avoid outdoor activities and take precautions to prevent further damage.

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