FIFA 22. As Italy celebrates the victory of Euro at the end of the thrill, the most famous football match returns in the 2022 edition that promises to be revolutionary. FIFA on Next Generation is coming soon, all info.

The past two months have been busy with football fans. La Nazionale has managed to bring the euro back to Italy, and EA has opted not to wait for EA Play before revealing the upcoming FIFA 22 game. News, innovations, platforms… We know more about this futuristic component that once again will be Kylian Mbappe as an ambassador. As a reminder, FIFA 20 was the best-selling game in France in 2020, with nearly 1.3 million copies purchased. To put this in a bit more context, one in sixty French people own a copy of the game, a staggering number that gives our favorite football game the status of a monument in the middle. So what is FIFA 22 and when is it coming?

FIFA is a relatively unchanged and very effective recipe. FIFA 22 is no exception to the rule although it has undergone many technical improvements. There will be 30 leagues, 90 official stadiums and nearly 700 teams. The game is technologically innovative, because it is based on technology Hyperactivity from EA. As you can see in this trailer, 22 players were fitted with Xsens suits, which were able to accurately capture and copy their movements and movements during a match. Nearly 8.7 million images were then analyzed and converted into high-resolution animations. FIFA 2022 boasts unprecedented realism because Hypermotion can allow a player to make up to 6 decisions per second, and we’re starting to believe that. As for the animation, FIFA 22 should include nearly 4,000 more than its predecessor, including interactions between players that should greatly enhance the immersion in the game. Unfortunately for owners of “last generation” consoles, this technology will not be available. Only applicable to Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X versions | S.

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EA usually releases the annual FIFA game at the start of the school year in September. FIFA 22 will be released this year in October 1Players who ordered the Ultimate Edition will be able to play it September 27. In addition, FIFA 22 will be part of the EA Play Offer, a monthly subscription similar to Xbox Game Pass that offers several games and benefits, including access to new releases 10 hours before non-subscribed players enter. So it will be necessary to wait until the beginning of the school year before you can set foot on the grass of the largest stadiums in Europe. In terms of platforms, no change, as the game will be released on PC, Xbox One and Playstation 4 in its regular version, and on Playstation 5, Stadia and Xbox Series X | The S version makes use of Hypermotion technology

You can already pre-order FIFA 22 on your platform, in version Basic or in version climax. The Ultimate Edition includes, among other things: access to the game in the preview, the FUT Champion, 4600 FIFA Points, Kylian Mbappé on loan and the choice of a FUT Ambassador player in Career Mode. Prices are quite variable, but charge €79.99 for the next generation for the standard version against €99.99 for the Ultimate version, while on PS4 and Xbox One it will take €69.99 for the standard version. On PC, the Standard Edition is priced at €59.99 while the Ultimate Edition is priced at €79.99.


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