A volcano erupts in the Canary Islands and the plot on YouTube goes wild:

Psychic T Chase is a Youtube influencer who has sent many Canary Islanders into disarray. In fact, he interpreted a passage from the BibleAccording to which a volcano eruption was announced on La Palma, one of the islands of the Iberian Archipelago.

Outbreak in the Canary Islands: It’s a plot on the spot

According to the conspiracy theorist who posted the video, this volcanic eruption will not only endanger life in the Canary Islands, but also endanger life in Spain as a whole.

According to his analysis of the verses dIn the Old Testament it seems that a volcanic eruption can cause a real tsunami Capable of destroying a large part of the Iberian Peninsula.

According to the YouTuber, Cumbre Vieja (as the name of the volcano that these days suddenly gave birth to an amazing eruption) will be the first area of ​​the island to be tested by the deep eruption. A second volcanic eruption will then cause a tsunami that will devastate Spain. Apparently, the tsunami waves will collapse on the northern coast of Africa in the meantime, destroying it in turn.

According to the verses quoted by the YouTuber, “Everyone is running away.” Their hearts are burningand “Survivors will stay crying in abandoned houses.”

But is it really a plausible theory?

The influencer and conspiracy theorist holds his theories that come from a program that paraphrases the words of sacred texts: we already understand from this how their reliability cannot be considered absolute.

Moreover, his predictions extend to the rest of the world and make the hypothesis less plausible: “It looks like a wave may hit Great Britain. But it will have the worst impact on the Americas. It is believed that if this volcano erupted, it would be able to form a wave of ninety meters and the coastal cities of the United States would have only a few hours to evacuate.”

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The conspiracy theorist’s words coincide with the September 19 explosion on the island of La Palma in the Canary Archipelago. The authorities have already intervened by clearing the area and accommodating the residents. Five villages have already been completely evacuatedWhile the local police urged residents to be very careful in the course of events.

In fact, as pointed out news, Volcanic phenomena in the land of the Canary are only a recent: Since the 15th century, there have been 16 eruptions that have affected the region and only in 1971 there was a casualty (Due to recklessness: She died from inhaling the poisonous gases of magma, which brought her very close to the explosion.)


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