Merkel defends the closures and curfews, saying:

Unfortunately we have to say it again: the situation is dangerous, Very serious. The third wave of the pandemic does As a masterSo he spoke Angela Merkel In Parliament, make an amendment Epidemic Act Which provides for listing at the federal level for “emergency brake”, This is Automatic shutdown Imposed by the government on those lands in which the incidence rate exceeds 100 cases per 100,000 residents. The German chancellor defended the need More stringent restrictions And in particular measure Clothe, Scheduled from 9 PM to 5 AM: “The point is Reducing evening commute Of citizens from one place to another as well as using local public transportation, “the chancellor said.

“We have to stop this The third wave Pandemic “and” to achieve this we must better integrate the powers of the federal governments, status e Local people What we have done so far, ”Merkel said, urging Parliament to do so to approve project of law. “The Medici From intensive care They are firing appeal After another to ask for help, “he added,” We cannot afford that He leaves alone Doctors and nurses. ”Approval of the standard, however, is one Uphill battle For the advisor since I am Countries I reluctant Bear fruit Any power On federal government health care. For the legislation to enter into force it needs approval not only from the House of Representatives (The Bundestag), To which Merkel turned, but also from the Senate)Federal Council) Where the states are represented.

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“The The virus does not forgive of course. All procrastination It just means that the time is getting longer. The virus only understands one thing: determination andEvery day countsAgain, the Chancellor warned of concern about the spread of infection today Robert Koch Institute It reported 25,831 new cases, with a federal incidence of 160.1 per 100,000 population. The situation is also exacerbated in intensive care: 4,740 beds Occupied by Covid patients (+61 in 24 hours), with 2.898 That remains free, net of the reserve of 10,000 seats remaining so far Just theoreticalDue to the lack of specialized cadres.

But the government is also upset over Mobility Monitor Rki always posts it: The Germans still move a lot. Data as of April 13th (weekly average) are only recorded 13% The number of trips is less than in the pre-pandemic period. A year ago, in the same time period, mobility was reduced by 28 percent. There is a file Clear connection Between this data and Impatience Citizens against the restrictions in effect since then Last December 16. After the first dilution at the end of February and the subsequent start of the third wave that led to the restoration of most procedures, mobility no longer decreased as between late December / early January.

On the basis of this data – in addition to the worsening of the infection – Merkel has spurred the stricter measure set forth in the new legislation: the night curfew, which provides exceptions only for travel to work or taking the dog outdoors. Other restrictions, in addition to Close shops (In Germany ribbon e Restaurants It hasn’t reopened – with a few exceptions – since then Last November), Aiming in turn to reduce At most Contact opportunities: It will only be possible to meet between two different families and a maximum of 5 people, minors under 14 years old are excluded. Now the debate has begun in Parliament and the Bundestag must give the green light to the law Wednesday. But according to Merkel, it may already be too late.

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Meanwhile, today the chancellor received the vaccination in Berlin with AstraZenecaAnd the As her spokesman expected Stephen Seibert. “I’m glad I got my first dose of AstraZeneca. I thank everyone who does Preaches In the vaccination campaign, “the chancellor said, and concluded that” the vaccine is the key to overcoming the epidemic. “


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