The Los Angeles Rams defeated the San Francisco 49ers to play the Super Bowl

After the Cincinnati Bengals (winning the Kansas City Chiefs 27-24 AB title), the Los Angeles Rams in turn qualified for the Super Bowl. They knocked out the San Francisco 49ers (20-17), the surprise team in the playoffs, which in turn fell from Dallas and Green Bay, but also their pet wrath. The Rams remained in force in six consecutive defeats against “Fresco”.

But Los Angeles could not, and did not want to miss, the February 13 meeting. The Californian franchise really has the advantage of playing at home, to try to win a second Super Bowl title in its history (after winning in 2000, when the team was in St. Louis), and especially the first when it was based in Los Angeles.

San Francisco advanced in the second half

For this, it was necessary to break the massive momentum of the 49 players, who qualified in the last minute for the play-off matches, after a difficult start to the season. San Francisco only gave up at the end of the game and, as expected, made its California neighbor miserable. Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford was intercepted in the first quarter. But the 49ers don’t take advantage of that, and finally it was Los Angeles that opened the scoring, on a touchdown from Copper Cup (7-0), the first regular season receiver.

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However, San Francisco didn’t let it go and immediately interacted with TD from Deebo Samuel, awesome racing author, after being served by Jimmy Garoppolo. And in the break, the 49ers were up front (10-7), having scored a field goal, while the Rams missed a goal, a little earlier.

two cups

Returning from the locker room, the players coached by Kyle Shanahan bravely continued to play their luck and widened the difference again, after a touchdown by George Keitel (17-7). What leaves another surprise in the playoffs. Especially since Los Angeles was struggling. Stafford came close to acknowledging another objection.

But the former QB from Detroit, who arrived in Los Angeles this season, again agreed with Cooper Kupp on a second TD, and two field goals from Matt Gay finally allowed the Rams to return to the top (20-17). San Francisco, for its part, is starting to slow down. Garoppolo and co were entitled to one last try, with 75 yards with 1’45” to play.

It will be the first time for Matthew Stafford, who has never played major roles with Detroit, receivers Odell Beckham Jr. (author of his best game of the season on Sunday with 113 yards) and Cooper Cobb. The first arrived during the season from Cleveland, and the second missed the final Los Angeles lost to the New England Patriots (13-3), three years earlier, due to injury. Los Angeles head of defense Aaron Donald was present during this Super Bowl.

On February 13th, he and his co-stars will have a sense of revenge as they confront the Cincinnati Bengals and their young but changing crime. On paper, the final already promises. Two more weeks to wait.


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