Another one from EC!  Report a drop in service throughout CDMX

Reconstruction, July 21, 2021. Again, Televisa-owned Easy’s Internet service collapsed in its entire network in Mexico City.

Users of this communication system have been crashing the internet system on social networks since 4am, especially users who have contracted the Axtel service purchased by the TV station subsidiary.

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The mass division owns its fiber-optic business (FTDX) to Televisa, the owner of Issy, in the municipalities of Monterrey, San Luis Bodosa, Aguascalientes, Mexico City, Ciudad Juarez and Jobon.

In November 2020, Easy announced that it would be the new provider of this service to Axtel users in these cities, which sparked a series of comments due to the terrible service history of the television company.

The company has already answered the phone and they are already working on resolving the issue. However, users express their anger on blessed social networks.

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