Dishwasher: Stop Wasting Your Money |  It takes a lot and you have to learn how and when to use it

This device consumes a lot, but with these tricks you can use it calmly and save a lot of money.

Dishwasher a nice convenience and little families ready to do without it. However, its consumption in the bill is large and these days With the increases that ARERA fears should not be underestimated. Energy authorities warn of a possible new increase in electricity and gas bills In the next part of 2023. According to some predictions for families, a fresh bite of around 300 euros can come in.

Bills go up and you can save a lot on the dishwasher –

Using the dishwasher well, it becomes important to try Cut back on that extra spending. In this article we will try to figure out how to properly use this household appliance in this way that its consumption at least. Dishwasher drain approx 2.5 kW for one wash cycle. If it has a high power class, it can consume up to 1.2 kW.

There are many ways to save money and it is important to use them

But the energy class is not the only distinction from the point of view of consumption. There are also gods Manual tricks that we can use Even the old dishwasher to make it consume little. The first thing to remember is Use it only when fully loaded: You have to fill every space without overloading it. By doing so we will avoid doing this Useless wash cycles. The same goes for the washing machine.

A lot of energy savings in the dishwasher
Dishwasher safe, save big with these handy tricks –

Here too we must always use it at full loads otherwise it is a waste. It could be back to the dishwasher It is also helpful to skip the pre-wash. In most cases, pre-washing isn’t really necessary and if you skip it you’ll save money water and energy. It might be a good idea to swipe a dirty tissue to get rid of very dirty dishes Because the wash will be more thorough even without undergoing a pre-wash.

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Cold wash and Eco programme

By doing this we will also avoid That the device from the inside can be clogged. Cold wash consumes less energy because it skips the drying step. A good idea is to open the dishwasher door and turn it off when the wash cycle is complete. It will take a little longer to dry the dishes but you will save energy. Regular maintenance and cleaning are important. The filter is in the dishwasher It must be cleaned regularly.

Another good idea is to use A program called Eco. It is present in almost all dishwashers and allows us to consume less energy and less water. Even if we have The dishwasher is nothing new With these little tricks, we can make sure that they have less impact on consumption, even on the heaviest ones in the coming months.


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