Simon Piles: The White House and IOC support Turnstar

American gymnast Simon Piles made headlines on match day as the team exited the final of the Olympics in Tokyo. Now there are initial reactions, including their own country.

White House spokeswoman Jen Sackie encouraged Piles. “Thanks and support Simon Piles deserves,” Sackie tweeted. Piles is even bigger, “We’m all lucky to be able to see her in action.”

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) also expressed support for Piles. As an IOC spokesperson said, you have the utmost respect for your decision.

The first device, the Piles dropped the race on Tuesday after the jump. The American Gymnastics Federation announced that this was done for a medical reason. The exceptional gymnast mentioned that he had mental problems. She no longer believes the way she did, she does not know if it is old, but she gets more nervous when she does gymnastics. “I also feel like I don’t enjoy it that much anymore,” he said.

IOC President Thomas Bach spoke to the athlete after Piles retired from attending gymnastics competitions. Piles is one of the most popular athletes in Tokyo, so his participation is important to the organizers.

The four-time Olympic champion initially opened up about whether he would compete in Thursday’s individual all-round competition in Tokyo. Without the 24-year-old, the U.S. team was second only to the Russian gymnasts.

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