Timothy and Gentia, who quickly became superstars, are in high demand and overflowing with projects. We take post-dune stocks for two artists.

After sharing the poster on Denise Villeneuve’s Tune, Timothy Solomon and Gentia will be back on screen shortly before the end of the second part.

Fans of the 25-year-old actor may already be delighted to see him on the big screen in Wes Anderson’s new film The French Dispatch from October 27th.

According to Gentaya, he will return to Spider-Man No Way Home on December 15th. The actress returns to her MJ role for the 3rd time, immersing herself in multiverses with Tom Holland and Benedict Cumberbatch.

Timothy Salamet will be on your screens in December! He does not star Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence: Cosmic Denial, a comedy directed by Adam McKay (The Big Short).

Coming to Netflix on December 24, the film will tell the story of two poor astronomers. They will undertake a gigantic media tour to warn humanity that a comet is heading towards Earth and is going to destroy it.

The comedian, who appeared under the name Call Me By Your Name by Luca Guadagno, reunited with the director to box the bones and everything. Both artists abandoned the Italian solar vibration and turned to the 180-degree horrific genre.

The story follows the Maran Annual, a sixteen-year-old girl played by Taylor Russell. She travels around the country hoping to find her father. She hopes to understand why she killed so many friends because she restrained herself from taking action again.

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Timothy will play the role of Solomon Lee. He will share the bill with Francesca Scorsese, the daughter of Mark Rylans, Michael Stulberg, Close Sevigny, Andre Holland and the famous filmmaker Martin Scorsese.

The New Yorker is currently directing a film based on the Volga, the clay character invented by Roald Doll. The plot is set before the events of the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. It is scheduled to release in March 2023.

As part of that, Gentia invented sets with Euphoria Season 2. She plays the role of the addicted Ru Bennett who tries to make her presence felt again. 25-year-old Francis Ford Coppola is reportedly getting ready for us in Fresco’s performance: Megalopolis.

Meanwhile, if the first part is a success, you can see two actors in the doon while waiting for the shooting of the second part. During this time, the film attracted more than 2 million viewers in France. It will be released on October 22 in the United States.

Timothy Salamet and Gentia on AlloCiné’s microphone for the tune


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