Product recall: Fish fillets sold at Carrefour and Leclerc may be contaminated with Listeria

Haddock fillets in trays, sold in the Carrefour and Leclerc brands and distributed throughout France, are the subject of recall due to the risk of listeriosis.

Salmonella in Kinder chocolate, E. coli in frozen pizza, Listeria in black pudding… In recent weeks, product alerts and recalls have followed each other. Since April 13, smoked haddock fillets have been pulled into trays.

Sold in self-service in the fishmongers section of the Carrefour and Leclerc brands throughout France, they offer, according to Conso Reminder websiteRisk of listeriosis due to detection of Listeria monocytogenes.

The product in question, from the Bourgain et Fils brand, is part of lot 133135. These are “Smoked haddock fillets in a leather hollow tray with a capacity of 200 g”, on sale since 2 April and the deadline for consumption is 23 April 2022 (Product GTIN: 3284570002139).

Reminder Conso asks “You no longer consume it, return the product to the point of sale, contact Consumer Service and destroy the product.” If you have purchased one, you can request a refund.

If you have already taken it and are experiencing symptoms such as ‘isolated or accompanied by fever and body aches’, consult your physician immediately and tell him or her that you have consumed the respective product. “Listeria is a potentially serious disease that can have an incubation period of up to eight weeks,” says Rappel Conso.

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