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Dances, songs and a lot of fun without any restrictions and without spaces. Today happened at The UK is in LiverpoolAt the circus nightclub at Bramley Moore Dock. Scenes of normality in the disco (or concert) before Covid, which everyone today hopes to see (and / or restore) soon. The heroes were young Britons from Liverpool – several thousand – who for the first time in over a year had managed to legally dance together, gather, drink together, and listen to music. Without mask. As it was in the disco. This is the first in a series of experimental events, and experimental events promoted by the government and monitored by health authorities closely to see whether it is possible to ease the measures of the distancing without causing an outbreak of the new Corona virus. 6,000 people attended the test, who were swabbed before and after the event.

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Great day, DJ Youssef commented from a circus nightclub in Liverpool. The UK has recorded a total of more than 127,000 Covid-19-related deaths, but it is easing restrictions gradually, as the number of vaccinations increases (34.2 million Britons received the first dose). Another such event scheduled at the same place on Saturday; Then on Sunday 5,000 fans will attend a Blossoms concert in Sefton Park, also in Liverpool. Test events will culminate on 15 May at Wembley Stadium, with 21,000 spectators, or a quarter of the facility’s capacity, watching the FA Cup Final.

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Not the first test of this type (using the evening swab before and after). to Barcelona, ​​Spain, a concert experience for 4,500 people It gave good results, meaning that very few positives were found in the total number of participants, who may not have been infected on that occasion, also because everyone had the Ffp2 mask on their nose and mouth with the commitment to never remove it. There are other experiences Also implemented in the Netherlands.

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