Find out who came first in the first round of the presidential elections in Tarbes. (© Illustration Fabien Hisbacq – News Occitanie)

Results of the first round of 2022 presidential election just fell off Tarbes (Hautes-Pyrenees). While Emmanuel Macron was a short lead over Jean-Luc Mélenchon here in 2017, here’s who rose to the top, five years later, in the largest city of the Hautes-Pyrénées.

Here are the results of 1he is Presidential Tower in Tarbes

Emmanuel Macron: 24.81%
Jean-Luc Melenchon: 23.06%
Marine Le Pen: 21.33%
Eric Zemmour: 7.74%
John LaSalle: 6.09%
Yannick Gadot: 4.23%
Valerie Pecres: 4.05%
Fabian Russell: 3.53%
Ann Hidalgo: 2.25%
Nicolas Dupont Aignan: 1.68%
Philip Bhutto: 0.76%
Natalie Artaud: 0.47%

A reminder of the 2017 presidential term for Tarbes:

Emmanuel Macron : 25.43%, 4,933 votes
Jean-Luc Melenchon : 24.35%, 4,724 votes
Marine Le Pen: 17.68%, 3,429 votes
François Fillon: 16.63%, 3,226 votes
Benoit Hamon: 7.07%, 1372 votes
Nicolas Dupont Aignan: 3.65%, 709 votes
Jean LaSalle: 2.58%, 501 votes
Philip Bhutto: 0.94%, 182 votes
François Asselineau: 0.93%, 181 votes
Natalie Arthod: 0.60%, 116 votes
Jack Schmidt: 0.14%, 27 votes

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