Shanghai University in China wants to put together a list of LGBT students

The complaint comes from social media: in the document submitted by the university there are questions about “ideological positions” and any “psychological diseases”.

The complaint was made public by a post on Weibo, the main Chinese social network, where it has been cracked. Not before it was picked up on Twitter and since then guardian Who published the news? The university, which was founded in 1922, has not yet confirmed the authenticity of the document.

“My decision is whether or not to go out, not an obligation – one user on Weibo wrote – if I am not willing to declare my gender identity, I must guarantee basic freedoms as a person.” Fear from members of the LGBT community is also fueling the social network WeChat’s decision to delete dozens of accounts linked to topics such as the fight against homophobia. Additionally, in early 2021, a court ruled that describing homosexuality as a “psychological disorder” – according to a textbook – was not a mistake but an “academic view”. Starting in 2020, the closure of Shanghai Pride, the only major manifestation of gay pride in the country, has also been announced.

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