Ramon Roselli: He could be grateful to Helen Fischer for that

Ramon Roselli is sure to delight his fans. His latest album “Favorite Moments” pays a very personal homage to the finest classics of the hit song. Especially interesting: Rochelle brings up two partners that no one expected. Precisely this partnership is indebted to Helen Fischer.

A total of 14 songs will be heard on Ramon Roselli’s album. His hit single “Come, Serve You”, “Absolute Die 1” with Randolph Rose and many more classics. This post will definitely be a treat for Schlecker fans.

Ramon Roselli: Duet with TV chef Nelson Mல்லller

What will surprise many: There will be a duet with the most famous TV star – Nelson Mல்லller. He is one of the most popular TV chefs in Germany. M முller has already proven that he can’t beat the oven with “The Muscat Singer.” In 2020 he finished third as a hippopotamus. Singing TV Chef – There Are Things!

Ramon Roselli & Nelson Mல்லller: Back to the 70s

The album features the title track of the solo song sung by Ramon Roselli and Nelson Mல்லller: “All you want is you”. This is what the online portal says. “Schlecker professionals“. This is the German version of” You To Me Are Everything “success of” The Real Thing “. The disco feeling of the 70s is guaranteed.

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Ramon Roselli: That’s the story behind the song

How did Ramon Roselli come up with the idea of ​​adding this particular song to his album? The pop singer reveals to our teachers: “As a teenager I once heard the German version of‘ You Are Everything to Me ’written by‘ The Real Thing ’and thought it was absolutely awesome! Unfortunately, I do not know who the translator is. When I was on stage for the first time as a hobby at a family celebration, I sang this German version and everyone went crazy. “

Ramon Roselli in an interview with Schlager.de

Ramon Roselli & Nelson Mல்லller: Thanks for the link to Helen Fischer

Now comes the unexpected punch line: Nelson Mல்லller is said to have sung and written the German version of the song. Ramon says: “When I chose my‘ Favorite Moments ’album, the song came back to me – but who is the singer? At one point I said to my producer: ‘I think this is Nelson Mல்லller! On a TV show, I saw Helen Fischer singing ‘You are everything to me’ (…). Nelson not only sang the song, but also wrote the lyrics. Now it comes: Version not released. (…) It’s somehow my fate that we sing together today. “ Incomprehensible. This intriguing coincidence brought Ramon Roselli and the TV chef together. Who would have thought?


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