This is exactly a zero tax country

In this country, the pension is tax-free. This news surprises many Italians interested in moving after retirement. It is a paradise that many people would really like to visit, and we clearly know why, given its many advantages.

The clear sea in this paradise –

What you need to know about this country where The pension will be zero tax. This is excellent news for many who do not know which country to choose after retirement. It is the paradise that everyone envy because of the countless benefits it holds.

This is exactly a zero tax country

After we spoke with you at length about the advantages of moving to Albania as a retiree, today we are talking to you about another country that attracts many. But first we tell you that based on what was reported by, Ignazio Stagno on the Libero website had identified the countries as SlovakiaTunisia and Greece are among the most preferred countries to move to after completing work.

Wonderful Greece –

there Greece It would be beneficial because it would allow only 7% of your Social Security check to be deducted for 15 years; However, one thing is that you must have been resident in the country for at least 5 years out of the 6 years prior to the transfer. The Tunisian tax system is also beneficial, because it would reduce taxes on total pensions by up to 80%: only 5% would be imposed. In short, there are many countries with taxes that would seem more beneficial than ours. But there is one, in particular, that was able to attract the attention of many during this period. Here we will reveal what it is, as it is a true paradise for some.

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In Cyprus, the pension will be tax-free recently published an article explaining which countries it might be best to move to after retirement. Among these there will be Cyprus, an island not too far from our beloved Italy. There, according to what the newspaper reported, taxes will also be particularly favorable for pensioners in our country. In fact, apparently, only 5% tax will be imposed on all credits exceeding €3,420.

Cyprus –

However, regarding the numbers given below, there will be no discount. In practice in Cyprus The pension will be tax-free For everyone who gets less than that, which is really high. In short, a few hours of flight are enough for some to reach this island, which may seem like a real paradise to many who want to leave our country's taxes behind. In any case, before making a decision of this kind, we advise you to inform yourself well to understand the reality of your situation and what you should do.


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