Young people file lawsuit against 32 countries over climate, hearing in Strasbourg – breaking news

The major case begins in Strasbourg before the European Court of Human Rights, brought by six young Portuguese men against 32 governments for “inaction” on climate. Russia, which was also invited to appear, is not present.

A few minutes before the hearing began before the most serious configuration of the court, the Grand Chamber, made up of 17 judges, several journalists indicated that there would be more than 600 people present. The applicants – aged between 11 and 24 – accuse the 27 European Union countries, Russia, Turkey, Switzerland, Norway and the United Kingdom of not respecting their commitments under the 2015 Paris climate agreement aimed at limiting the increase in temperatures.

The hearing was also read by some elderly Swiss women who on March 29 filed their appeal against their country for not doing enough for the environment, and a group of students from the Federico II University of Naples.

On the occasion of the session, banners in support of Portuguese youth appeared outside the court in different languages. It is written in Italian: “What is more beautiful than the hope of young people fighting for their future.” Before ruling on the merits, the court will first examine the admissibility of the appeal that was filed before the Strasbourg judges in 2020 and benefited from priority treatment. If the file is considered acceptable, the decision may arrive in 2024 at best.

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