Draymond Green et Damian Lillard

The first game of the conference semi-final between Memphis and Golden State featured Draymond Green being sent off after a blatant Type 2 foul on Brandon Clark. A decision that ignited social networking sites, in particular, several personalities from the league…

The first game, and it was actually the first major controversy in the series between the Grizzlies and the Warriors. At the end of the second quarter, Draymond Green pulled Brandon Clarke’s shirt off after a corner kick from the Memphis player. Here are the images below, in order to form an opinion on the question:

Stars Varies with Draymond Green Kick

The opinion of the rulers was clear: the bull expelled the warriors. Something that scandalizes many fans and observers, including Ayesha Curry, but also Donovan Mitchell and Damien Lillard:

2 so blatant????

You have to take context into account more with these rules…

from his side, Draymond Green Reacting to being fired in a supercharged manner, returning to the locker room without too many problems or challenges, and certainly no doubt about that decision:

Often criticizing referees, Draymond Green should have tweets or words of his choosing in front of the press at the end of a meeting. The controversy just started…

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