Halo Infinite is currently the fun of many Xbox gamers. The current Tech preview is really a hit and 343 Industries continues to update its content. Today, The developer has announced that Bazaar, the game’s third map, is now accessible!

Since Thursday, thousands of Xbox and PC owners have been enjoying the return of Master Chief. In order to test their servers and gameplay, 343 Industries have already launched what looks like a closed beta for Halo Infinite. And if only the Live Fire map was available at launch, I’ve already been able to detect recharging since then. With Bazaar, the third and final map is now available.

The latter is inspired by the Middle East and thus should bring back memories for fans of the saga. All three maps will be available until the end of the technical preview on Monday, August 2nd. Until then, you will be able to take on the bots that are no more difficult this time or discover our videos. Many of them are already online in Our YouTube channel, just like the OST for Halo Infinite.

More tech previews should get to us before the final release of Halo Infinite. 343 Industries will report more details in the coming weeks. Count on us to keep you informed!

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