On Disney +, are we really at risk of indigestion from the Marvel series?

In Disney +, Marvel and Star Wars will dominate the coming months and years. The entertainment giant is not hiding this, as it intends to bet on its “superstar” perks to take the SVoD platform to the top.

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So no fewer than twenty projects were announced during Investor Day last December, including ten projects for the MCU. Two strings have already emerged from the woods (WandaVisionAnd the Falcon and Winter Soldier) And the Loki Approaching.

So the original Marvel creations cycle on Disney + is only in its infancy. And yet … aren’t the beginnings of tiredness really starting to show? Some will say that too early, it is difficult to completely prove them wrong.

However, the adventures of Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes still dampen our excitement. The MCU no longer had its old-fashioned vibe, when we were hurrying to see the movies In the cinema.

After somewhat atypical disguised beginnings WandaVision, Falcon and its owner are lagging behind. And even if it is necessary to know how to be patient, even if the software’s flaws do not in any way assume the quality of the following flaws, the results are already mixed.

Too early to talk about indigestion? It’s hard to say, although hopefully, the MCU will quickly figure out how to renew itself. The Marvel “recipe” has proven itself in the cinema, not yet on the small screen.

Already highs and lows

How do we feel about the first two original sealed MCU creations to show on Disney +? Half a fig, half a grape. WandaVision It was a pleasant surprise, undeniable. The series has the advantage of taking a step aside, and presenting something different, unusual for Marvel.

Despite some blank clips and specified lengths, it gets away par excellence and is a true “fresh air” in Marvel’s superhero legends. Exactly like Ant-Man It would have been (to a lesser extent) in his day.

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With The hawk and the winter soldier, The studio was dating his first love. Brawl, amazing special effects, loads of action, “resurrecting” some of the iconic characters … all in a straightforward series in the aftermath.Avengers: Endgame.

Unfortunately, no Turns out It never took off after a promising opening episode. The dialogues are poor and the plot is uninspiring. The humor isn’t really popular and Sam and Bucky aren’t stirring up crowds, despite the intriguing support of Zemo and the tormented new Captain America.

In short, it is a disappointment, even if not everything is eliminated. It remains only to hope that the next series does not follow in the footsteps of the elderly. Unfortunately it seems likely WandaVision It remains an isolated case.

Hulk, Hawk, Moon KnightAnd the Secret invasion or Iron core … It’s hard to imagine them breaking down the DNA of regular Marvel products. on the other side, what if… ? Maybe our next good surprise.

Loki’s case

Starting June 11, the day the first episode aired online, Loki It will give the first direction. If the first semester and the next are successful, we will be the first to welcome it. If not, then the issue of override Offers Marvel will appear more than that.

There is a really good point: Half of the Gods are more charismatic than Falcon or Buckybars. It’s more difficult to predict, less smooth, and Machiavellianism gives him extra attention.

The series also promises to take us through the vicissitudes of time alongside Loki. It’s very interesting and makes you want to give the program a chance. The moral of the story? All hopes were clearly not lost on the MCU on Disney +.

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Being able to recover and make a big show even after a disappointing production is one of Marvel’s strengths. Even after one or two disappointments, we’re still seeing the studio’s latest creations.

Today, more than a Marvel “overdose” on Disney +, there is actually a little bit of boredom, which is true, and less impatience and enthusiasm as well. The pace also accelerated a lot. From now on, we know that there will be a series every six months. So the MCU is also losing something that has always had its effect: scarcity.

The films were shown regularly in theaters, but were not released on short notice. Between beginnings WandaVision And those The hawk and the winter soldier, Only two months passed.

In short, for now, we’ll always be in front of our screen to check out the upcoming series. But lo Loki Disappointed, the following could go by the wayside.

“Side kick”, good vein?

Wanda, Vision, Sam Wilson, Bucky Barnes, Hawkeye … you don’t have to be a genius to understand the project. Disney + relies a lot on its second knives for seduction. It’s an understandable bet – there isn’t much to say about the “leaders” of the Avengers – but it is also a double-edged sword.

Well, the “side kick” adventures are up to the task and can gain popularity with the crowd. They face, disappoint and will be quickly forgotten, just like their adventures. And shining light on new heroes is not enough to convince.

We expected a different show from Marvel, as we dared for this new foray into the series world. There was some with WandaVision, The much better, it seems imperative to make the characters shine.

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But will there be much more again? Probably, even if Falcon and Winter Soldier He has shown that this is not always the case. Moreover, it is not an end in itself. To make a successful streak, other components are clearly needed.

To revive the torch, Marvel will need to find the right recipe. A compromise between the reason for its success and the risk of fully embracing the serial format.

Who need to qualify

You’ll understand, we’re not the first to be a fan of Falcon and Winter Soldier And the direction Marvel seems to be taking with Disney +. However, let’s not forget that not all series reviews are negative – far from that.

Some onlookers appreciated that and did not hesitate to say so. So their perception differs from ours and they have to look forward to the next MCU releases.

That is why we have to be in moderation. Our tendency to get tired from stage 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is arguably stronger than a large portion of the fans.

Sure, there are also those who hated the first two superhero chains on the SVoD platform and expected nothing from the sequel. This is the other extreme.

At CNET, the dyspepsia of Marvel content is not yet localized, even if fatigue has already begun to appear.

As with the Star Wars franchise, Disney thinks it’s big, too big. Maybe too big? If the projects follow and resemble each other, without any special flavor or renewed audacity, we won’t tell you the opposite.

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