Apple renouvelle Carpool Karaoke pour une saison 5 et la bascule sur Apple TV+

An apple Command Season 5 of his series Carpool Karaoke. In the process, the program will change its broadcast location. The app we found in the Apple TV app and in Apple Music will switch to Apple TV +.

To this day, the first four seasons remain available from the Apple TV app and on Apple Music. But when season 5 of Carpool Karaoke The entire program will appear on Apple TV +. There is currently no date for next season. There is also no information on casting.

Carpool Karaoke She was originally part of The James Corden Show, which was broadcast on television. James Corden accompanied a singer in the car. He was driving around town while doing an interview and singing with the artist. This show was a huge hit on YouTube (where it was rebroadcast) with tens of millions of views according to the guests.

Apple restored the rights and made some changes along the way. James Corden is no longer around and celebrities can get out of the car for an activity. In addition, Apple is no longer limited to singers. There are episodes with actors, athletes and others.

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