Bremer SV: Los FC Schalke 04 exploded with great fanfare

Oberliga club Bremer SV face Bundesliga promoter Schalke in the first round of the DFB Cup. Thus the amateur club is very happy.

Disappointment for football players Bremer S.V. Went quickly. The Kickers lost 2-1 to Emdon in a regional league match on Sunday afternoon, the first setback in the Premier League battle for promotion. In the evening, Bremen can be happy again.

Bremer SV: Very happy about Schalke-Los

On the way back, the team saw the draw for the first round of the DFB Cup at the hotel. And just like last season, when FC Bayern Munich were drawn, the Bremen team was very lucky. Bundesliga promoted FC Schalke 04 will be rivals this summer. Very attractive place, which caused a storm of joy among the players and those in charge.

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Of Bremer S.V. Released a video showing the initial reaction after the merger was drawn. Players and those in charge stand in chairs and hug each other. The club wrote on Twitter that there are some S04 fans in Bremen, which may be due to the same blue and white club colors. “Schalke is a great club. It’s amazing we can enjoy a great game again,” Bremen captain Alexander Arnholt said in an ARD interview.

However, it is not yet clear at which venue the match against Schalke will take place. The BSV Stadium in Panzenberg can accommodate up to 5000 spectators. Against Schalke That may not be enough. As with the previous year, the move to Bremen’s Wester Stadium would be conceivable. About 11,000 spectators came there against FC Bayern.

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Bremer S.V. Schalke: The stadium issue is still unresolved

As Sports Director Ralph Voigt stressed to Wester Courier, a decision will be made in the next few days: “Now let’s sink this great draw and clarify the stadium question in the next few days.” Schalke He would bring all his fans with him, and then Weser Stadium would be even smaller.

The Bremen Football State Cup winner will play in the first round of the Cup from July 29 to August 1. Schalke04 Spiel.

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