“I save 70 euros a month”

“I save 70 euros a month during the five winter months and protect it from my house.” A resident of a municipality S CastellAnd On the island of Menorca, Spain, he decided to “park” Boat on me terrace At home in order not to pay for docking. The craft is now on the third floor of the building where he lives.

He quits, buys two boats and rents them: “Now I work 30 minutes a day and make $40,000 a month.”

Park the boat on the porch to avoid paying mooring rent and save

With the help of a winch, the owner lifted the boat and brought it to the porch. To the Daily The local owner said he thought he could leave the boat parked on his property because it didn’t bother anyone. But a photo of the boat “parked” on the third floor quickly caught the attention of neighbors and management. who had previously asked the boat owner to keep him in port.

Municipal intervention

Municipal officials intervened because the weight of the boat, about 400 kilograms, would endanger the structure of the building.

Municipal technicians put out a report in which they highlighted that the large dimensions of the ship posed a public safety risk and increased the risk of collapse. The municipality gave the boat owner 24 hours to dismantle it from the 10-meter-high terrace.

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Neighbors reaction

The man’s decision sparked a whole controversy in Menorca. Most of the residents feel the boat should be taken off the porch as it is not a suitable place for such modes of transportation.

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