Nagorno-Karabakh, ceasefire after 32 people killed and 2,000 people evacuated.  The Armenian opposition demands the dismissal of Prime Minister Pashinyan

A day after the bombing NagornoKarabakhSeparatists in the Armenian enclave announce their surrender. to’Military operation It was launched on Tuesday, September 19 byAzerbaijan Towards the unilaterally declared Republic of Nagorno-Karabakh, it ended with the ceasefire that was reached Baku Wednesday morning also thanks to the mediation of Russian peacekeepers operating in the country. The authorities of the ethnic minority residing in Azerbaijan announced that “an agreement has been reached on the withdrawal of the remaining units and soldiers of the Armenian Armed Forces and on Solution and complete disarmament Armed formations of the Nagorno-Karabakh Defense Army.

Prime Minister of Armenia Nicole Pashinyan He warns that hostilities have decreased in intensity, but have not yet completely stopped. In an appeal addressed to the residents of the separatist region last night, the Azerbaijani presidency said: “ Illegal system “The Armenians must be dissolved, otherwise anti-terrorism operations will continue until the end.” During what Baku described as an “anti-terrorism” operation aimed at confronting the Armenian armed forces in a disputed region. CaucasusThe Ministry of Defense had ensured that it only struck military targets. Pictures that come from Stepanakertthe enclave’s self-proclaimed capital, shows extensive damage to civilian neighborhoods.

According to what the government reported YerevanAt least, they will be 32 Confirmed victims And 200 wounded, including many civilians. Russian authorities say that I Peacekeeping forces Those at the site have already been evacuated More than 2000 peopleof between it 1049 minors. Since the beginning of the military operation, Baku has ensured the activation of humanitarian corridors, including the corridor heading towards Armenia. Part of the tension in the region was caused by the presence of an Azerbaijani checkpoint in the corridor LachinIt is the only link with Armenia, which last April led to the interruption of supplies of basic necessities to Armenians in Azerbaijan.

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A few hours after the ceasefire, a Kremlin spokesman said: Dmitry PeskovHe noted in an interview on the Canale 1 TV channel that Nagorno-Karabakh “Internal issue Azerbaijan” and Baku’s forces are “operating on its territory” legitimately. On Wednesday afternoon, a group of Russian peacekeeping soldiers came under fire from small arms while returning from a control point in the village area. Janataaj. Moscow has not yet identified the officials, but Russian President Vladimir, during his meeting with the head of Chinese diplomacy, wang yi, In the capital, he expressed his hope that the situation in Nagorno-Karabakh would move towards a “peaceful direction.” A diplomatic effort also on one partItalyWith the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Antonio Tajani Who proposed the solution’ on the modelSouth Tyrol“To administer the Baku-controlled Caucasus region where they reside 120 thousand citizens of the Armenian ethnicity. For its part, Azerbaijan, in the words of the Assistant to the Azerbaijani President for Foreign Policy, Hikmet HajiyevHe said he “supports Normalization of relations with Armenia

Meanwhile the work continues Protests in YerevanWith more than a thousand demonstrators gathering in front of the government building after the ceasefire was announced, while the opposition The procedures for requesting his dismissal began Prime Minister Pashonyan accused of failing to defend the Armenians of Nagorno-Karabakh. The protests began on Tuesday, the 19th, when a group of demonstrators attempted to attack the government building to denounce Armenia’s failure to intervene in defense of its comrades from Nagorno-Karabakh. The demonstrators accused Prime Minister Pashinyan of “traitor“. The Pashin administration made this clear – Not participating in drafting the agreement For a ceasefire, he added that Yerevan has not had forces in the region since 2021. Pashinyan has repeatedly been criticized for his handling of tensions in Nagorno-Karabakh and Armenia’s rapprochement with NATO. States unitedThis is the element that led many analysts to assume that the current government will abandon the Armenian issue in the future in exchange for diplomatic support on its part. Washington.

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