50 años del subcampeonato mundial de la Selección Mexicana Femenil

In the summer of 1970, Mexico was the center of attention around the world, hosting 1970 World Cup, with personalities such as Pele, Gerd Muller, Gerson, among others. However, a year later, another World Cup was held, one that did not receive the same attention but witnessed The Mexican women’s national team achieves a historic world runner-up, Himself turning 50 this Sunday, September 5th.

Little by little, women’s football gained its place, but gaining recognition was a difficult task. In 1970, when attention focused on Mexico, the first Women’s World Cup was held in Italy. The tournament has not been officially recognized before FIFA, which participated in the women’s tournaments until 1988.

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However, some people resorted to watching this competition that marked the before and after in the history of women’s football. A year later, history continues to be written with the celebration of the second Women’s World Cup, which is now the venue for Mexico.

5 data about the world runner-up for the Mexican women’s team

Participating teams

FIFA and UEFA were responsible for organizing the tournament, as was the case in 1970. In this second edition they invited about 13 entries, but only because FIFA did not recognize Six teams participated: Mexico, Argentina, Denmark, Austria, England and Italy.

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Xóchitl, the World Cup mascot

Like all world championships, the 1971 championship had a mascot to define the event. In this case it was Xóchitl, a girl with two braids, a tracksuit, and a soccer ball. The image was used in various products such as pins, flags and T-shirts to give the event a visual identity and it was a marketing success.

The names of the pioneers of the Mexican national team

Historical figures such as Alicia “Pele” Vargas and Maria Eugenia “La Pique” Rubio They are the most famous names of players who participated in the 1970 and 1971 World Cup, but they were not the only ones.

The alignment of the Mexican team that achieved the runner-up in the world was: Elvira Aracene, Irma Chavez, Martha Coronado, Bertha Ordonia, Paula Perez, Elsa Huerta, Silvia Zaragoza, Teresa Aguilar, Patricia Hernandez. While Lord de la Rosa and Erendira Rangel entered the stock exchange.

Women’s World Cup controversy

Since it is a World Cup not recognized by FIFA, the players who participated did not receive any kind of payment for their participation and the teams did not receive any prizes. This sparked controversy and in Mexico it was criticized that the players did not have any kind of economic incentive.

In addition, press coverage in some cases revealed sexual problems, referring to the fact that female players should remain beautiful and aesthetic while playing.

Unrecognized attendance records

Since it is a World Cup not recognized by FIFA, there is little official data on the number of attendees. However, it is known that most matches were packed with stadiums and, in the case of the Mexican national team, they set attendance records.

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According to reports, in the semi-finals by Argentina, Tri Femenil summoned 90 thousand people. And in the final against Denmark, they surpassed 100 thousand attend, Two world records for attending women’s football matches but not officially recognized.


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