Covid, the masks?  It will become seasonal

The The masks will become seasonal? The doctor thinks so Anthony Fauci, The White House chief virologist, who said in an interview that people are more likely to wear condoms in certain seasons when the incidence of respiratory illnesses, such as Covid-19, is higher.

The masks will become seasonal, according to Fauci

I think people are accustomed to the fact that wearing face masks, if you look at the data, it’s clear how you reduce respiratory illnesses, Flu season practically does not exist This year, especially as people have been adopting public health measures primarily targeting Covid-19Fauci said in an interview with NBC’s Meet the Press.

Some time ago, Fauci spoke very differently about the benefit of masks. “There’s no reason to go with a face maskHe said at the start of the epidemic, but he later spurred this claim by talking about Lack of availability of personal protective equipment During the first months of last year.

Instead, Fauci said today, “It will likely happen, In a year or two, During certain seasonal periods when there are viruses such as influenza, and People will choose to wear masks To reduce the possibility of spreading these diseases“.

The new statements come a few days after a new order from the President of the United States, Joe Biden, stipulating the easing of some measures against the Covid virus, including the obligation to wear a mask in the open air.

Covid, the future is without a mask, the distance is far

Whether by choice or by necessity, many experts in any case agree that “A future without social spaces and no more masksStill far awayOr, as the Oxford professor put it, Andrew Pollard, During an interview with the BBC.

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Even Italian experts believe that despite the progress of the vaccination campaign,In order for the majority of the population to be immunized, we will have to live with the rules of divergence and not give up masksThe head of the International Space Station said, Silvio ProsaveroHe talks to La Stampa. According to the Secretary of the Scientific and Technical Committee, next summer Fabio Siciliano, It will be quieter. But next fall, according to Fuchi, caution should rise again.


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