How to know if you are one of the raffle winners

On December 10, the Lottery To him Good results 2021, It is regulated by the Tax Administration Service (SAT), but how and where to consult Winners?

SAT Taxpayers announced the site to check if they are there Winners That’s all Lottery To him Good results 2021.

When Lottery Of Good results 2021, Jesús Cantú, of the Ministry of Economy, assured that there would be an increase in banking and purchases with cash would fall from 48 per cent in 2011 and only 28 per cent in 2021.

In addition, the Banking Association of Banks of Mexico (ABM) made a total billing of 126 million pesos of credit and debit, of which 50 percent was made up of credit cards and 50 percent by cards. In e-commerce, 30.5 million transactions were recorded.

Winners of the Good End 2021 Draw

SAT That has been reported by the report Lottery Of

Good results 2021
Total 321,261 Winners, The number of total businesses Winners 4,282.

The Winners Advice can be obtained through the sharing league

, You must enter your participation card and page prompt code.

After giving “Send”, the page will show if the taxpayer is one Winners Or not.

SAT distributes 400 million pesos in the Good End 2021 raffle bag

When Lottery Of

Good results 2021
400 million pesos in different sizes were distributed to more than 321 thousand people who paid by credit or debit card.

In more Lottery There were about 100 million pesos in about five thousand stock trades.

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SAT He specializes in offering two unique gifts: one for a business that participates for 250 thousand pesos and the other for 260 thousand pesos.

Purpose Lottery Of Good results 2021 Encourage purchases by debit and credit cards at bank stores, in stores that comply with their tax obligations.


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