The George and Amal Clooney Foundation is “unwanted” in Russia: why, what happened?

The Chairman of the Duma Committee on Foreign Intervention, Vasily Piskarev, announced that it is studying the possibility of recognizing how “The activities of the Clooney Foundation are undesirable within the Russian Federation And the initiative to make the foundation of the American actor and his wife, human rights lawyer Amal Clooney, illegal, has not yet been announced The director of one of the foundation's projects, Anna Neistat, called for international legal action against Russian journalists who spread regime propaganda.

In an interview with Voice of America International, Neistat suggested that these journalists be considered “complicit in incitement to genocide,” as happened with Radio Mel Collins, which played an important role in the Rwandan genocide.

In response to this position, Peskaev stressed on Telegram that “the despicable actions carried out by this American non-governmental organization against our journalists will not go unanswered.” Former Russian President Dmitry intervened in the matter with one of his usual statements on social media Medvedev who denounced toA humble actor named George Clooney decided to use his foundation to attack and prosecute Russian journalists around the world“.

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