La Polynésie était déjà soumise à des restrictions depuis mi-juillet.

Polynesian High Commissioner Dominic Soren announced that a curfew will be imposed across the country from 9pm to 4am on Monday, August 9, following the outbreak of the Govt-19 epidemic from Wednesday.

He did not refuse the extension. “soonThese curfew times, or even to redefine Polynesia, have already been subject to restrictions since mid-July. “On July 16th, we were less than 10, and today we are over 1000», Local channel TNTV Monday evening (Tuesday morning in Paris) grieving Dominic Soren.

There are already many restrictions

After several months of a very weak cycle of the virus, the epidemic suddenly resurfaced in early August. Polynesians were not admitted to Govt Hospital in mid-July; 159 of them are in the intensive care unit. Govt-19 has caused the deaths of 166 Polynesians since the onset of the epidemic, including nine last weekend.

Authorities have already introduced a number of restrictions since the end of July: restricting public gatherings to 20 people and banning any event that gathers more than 500 people, closed ballrooms at public events, and closed games. The curfew notice period for the return to school should be extended throughout this week in this foreign community.

A political crisis associated with the epidemic

Local government is also facing a political crisis related to the epidemic. Its vice president, Tearii Alpha, got married on Thursday in the presence of several hundred guests, a few days ago, during a joint speech, High Commissioner and President Edward Fritz restricted meetings and banned music entertainment. Part of the local government attended the wedding, which was celebrated in a restaurant, voiced by President Edward Fritz on guitar and popped mayor Michael Beaulard, both without masks. These images shocked many Polynesians. The High Commissioner promised on Monday that there would be “Obstacles.

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In this autonomous society, health is a local responsibility, but security and justice are the responsibility of France. In a statement, the Hospital Employees Union (SPCHDT CSTP-FO) called for respect for caregivers:Be exemplary and consistent if people are to follow your recommendations. ⁇We are not role models, of course: I’m so sorry», Edward Fritz announced Monday on DNTV.

The tourism-based Polynesian economy has also been hit hard by the crisis. The High Commissioner said the government had provided 185 million euros in aid to support it during the epidemics and that this assistance would continue.


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