This is how the Formula 1 Drivers and Builders Championship works

We missed the eighth race of 2022 Formula 1 season,

Azerbaijan Grand Prix
Which finished 1-2 for Red Bull this year Max Verstappen in first place and czech perez In second place. With this result, there were several movements, and here we tell you How is the Constructors’ Championship and Drivers’ Championship going?

With Verstappen’s victory, The Dutchman is out on top Deceive 150 points. Grandma is that

czech perez
settled in second place
With 129 units. By this transcend Charles Leclerc, Which fell to the third division with 116 points, after suffering a painful abandonment in the race Sunday.

Chico Perez, Mexican Athlete of the Year 2021 | dictation

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Checo Pérez is the king of the Azerbaijan Grand Prix

Creators Championship

in constructor classification, Red Bull continues to dominate With a score of 279 points in first place. Ferrari His closest competitor, left with 199 units, after his car had to leave the Azerbaijan Grand Prix and mercedes He starts getting close with 161 points in third place.

Checo Pérez tied for his best season in Formula 1

After this result in Azerbaijan, The Mexican reached the 20th podium in his career. Moreover, it was the fifth this season, after those obtained in Monaco, Spain, Emilia-Romagna and Australia.

In addition, Tapatio Equal to the number of podiums he won in the 2021 campaign He has plenty of time in the season to break that record in 2022.

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Checo Pérez is second, Max Verstappen wins the Azerbaijan Grand Prix

How many podiums does Checo Pérez have in Formula 1?

2012 Malaysian Grand Prix – 2nd place – Sauber

2012 Canadian Grand Prix – 3rd place – Sauber
2012 Italian Grand Prix – 2nd place – Sauber
2014 Bahrain GP – 3rd Place – Force India
2015 Russian Grand Prix – 3rd place – Force India
2016 GP Monaco – 3rd place – Force India
2016 Azerbaijan GP – 3rd place – Force India
Azerbaijan GP 2018 – 3rd place – Racing Point
GP Turkey 2020 – 2nd place – Racing Point

GB Sakhir 2020 – Primer Lugar – Racing Point
Azerbaijan GP 2021 – 1st place – Red Bull
2021 French Grand Prix – 3rd place – Red Bull
Turkey GP 2021 – 3rd place – Red Bull
US GP 2021 – 3rd place – Red Bull
2021 Mexican GP – 3rd place – Red Bull
2022 Australian GP – 2nd place – Red Bull
Emilia-Romagna 2022 – 2nd place – Red Bull
2022 Spanish Grand Prix – 2nd place – Red Bull
Monaco GP 2022 – 1st place – Red Bull
Azerbaijan GP 2022 – 2nd place – Red Bull


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