Coronavirus today: Brazil, banning the import of Sputnik.  India, a new world record for cases


Italian Prime Minister Draghi presents a recovery plan in Parliament

Coronavirus: Handout of 26 April 2021 – Today’s data
  • China, industry profits rose 92.3% in March

    In March, industrial profits in China rose 92.3% year-on-year, compared to a + 20.1% increase in the previous month. This historic jump is explained by the fact that in March 2020, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, profits for the Chinese industrial sector relaxed the various lockdown measures that were launched to curb infections. Since the start of 2021, earnings growth has reached 137% year-on-year, compared to + 178.9% prior and an increase of 50.2% over the same period in 2019.

    Lianyungang, China: Afp factory workers

  • India, a new world record: 323,144 cases. Aid has arrived from the United Kingdom

    India, Tuesday, recorded more than 320,000 new cases, a performance that deserves the world record for daily increases for the fifth consecutive day. To be exact, there are 323,144 new infections, which bring the total number of infections since the start of the epidemic to 17.6 million, because they are second only to the United States. The Ministry of Health also recorded 2,771 other deaths during the past 24 hours.

    New Delhi, deaths piled on the street (Reuters)

    The recent deaths brought India’s death toll to 197894, behind the United States, Brazil and Mexico. Figures can be approximate. A Foreign Office spokesman, Arendam Bajshi, tweeted pictures of the first shipment of medical aid India received from Britain: It included 100 ventilators and 95 oxygen concentrators. Other countries such as the United States, Germany, Israel, France and Pakistan also promised to provide medical aid to the exhausted nation.

  • Brazil, 28,636 cases and 1,139 deaths. Sputnik is prohibited to import

    One of the last updates in the world comes from Brazil, where 1139 deaths were recorded within 24 hours and 28,636 new infections. The Brazilian Health Monitoring Agency (Anvisa) rejected several countries’ request to import the Russian Sputnik vaccine, explaining that there is not enough data to verify its safety and effectiveness. “We will never allow millions of Brazilians to be exposed to products without the necessary quality, safety and efficacy checks,” said Anvisa president, Antonio Barra Torres.

    Sputnik Vaccine (Afp)


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