Cengiz Under, unique buteur ce vendredi, et Benoît Costil.

Marseille won 1-0 at Matmot Atlantic on Friday night against Girondins de Bordeaux. This victory for OM at Bordeaux Park is the first in 44 years, the Fujian finally broke this record.


Historic victory for Marseille
44 years, 36 sessions. This is when Marseille will have to wait before they finally beat Girondins de Bordeaux at home. Under and OM put an end to the oldest Ligue 1 record, the last victory for Marseille dating back to 1977 and their 2-1 victory. A victory that allows them to climb to second place in the standings, behind the Parisian competitor.

Under, a touch of madness in the sometimes sleepy team
He’s a fun player to watch, having been reborn this season in the French Ligue 1. And on his right side, Turk always sets fire to the opponent’s defenses, and every pass of his ball seems dangerous. Despite many missed opportunities, he is the only goal scorer on this historic evening for the people of Marseille. He takes advantage of Payet’s call to rush into the back of Bordeaux’s defense and punish Costel. His superb control of the “coat rack” in the 57th minute perfectly demonstrates this player’s ease with the ball at the foot, a feast for the eyes.

Saliba style size
If OM has the best defense in Ligue 1 this season, it is in part due to the impressive performance of William Saliba, who shone again on Friday. The 20-year-old defender is a real rock, amazing for calm and serenity, sometimes bordering on indifference. Always there to strike back or expect him to leave behind, the 20-year-old defender will be sorely missed by the 20-year-old OM at the end of the season, as his loan will expire next June.

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Benoît Costil, mistaken for the sole purpose of the meeting
Despite a good second spell, Girondin’s captain is the root of the historic (1-0) defeat for his people tonight. In 34 years and 382 matches in the French league, the leader of the Bordeaux group made a mistake that did not deserve his stature. If he gives a sound on the field (easier to perceive thanks to the camera), then his ball in his clearance in the 37th minute leads to Marseille’s first and only goal, which Bordella has never seen.

Bordeaux in hard
17 absent players, a closed match and 17 in Ligue 1, nothing is going well in Bordeaux. While the Girondins are victims of an internal health disaster (17 positive cases of Covid-19), the club still has to play tonight’s meeting. By inviting players from young teams to make a squad for Friday night’s game, the club presented itself with a weak squad, both numerically and morally. This defeat is the third in a row (all competitions) for the club still flirting with the red zone.


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