Roland Kaiser turns 70: No signs of rest

Roland Kaiser is 70 years old
No sign of rest

Roland Kaiser celebrates his 70th birthday on May 10th.

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Roland Kaiser turns 70 on May 10th. Despite his age, the singer has not resigned: he has big plans for 2022.

Roland Kaiser (70) is one of the biggest names in the hit business. On May 10, the singer celebrates his 70th birthday. She has been in the light since the 1980s when she broke the catchy song “Santa Maria”. Kaiser has been entertaining his fans for over 40 years with hits like “Jonah”, “You To Love” or “I Think It Will Start Again”.

70 years are not over: Roland Kaiser does not seem to be thinking about retiring. He has big plans for 2022. He only released his album “My Playlist – Everything You Want” on May 6 – which is a personal birthday gift for him and his fans. In it you can listen to his best songs, but also first releases, remixes and duets. That’s not all: his new studio album “Perspectives” will be released on September 2nd.

Many concerts in the summer

In the summer, Roland Kaiser will be on stage at several concerts. In June, July and August he goes on a big tour of Germany and Austria with his “Summer Open Air 2022”. As the singer is not busy enough during the warmer months, his “Kaisermania” show will also take place on six days of movie nights on the Elbe River in Dresden.

His big birthday tour will continue in October: Roland Kaiser will be on stage in several German cities until March 2023. How can he be so fit at 70? “I’m healthy by living a moderate life, not going too far, and of course playing sports every day,” Kaiser explains in an interview on his honor day. In doing so, he adheres to the motto, “He who rests will not rust.”

How does Roland Kaiser spend his birthday?

Obviously, retirement is not in question for him. He has “incredible joy” in his work: “As long as I do what I want, I will do it,” he says. Kaiser has the feeling that “this work does not stress me, but rather motivates me in a positive way.”

Roland Kaiser spends his 70th birthday with his family: “We’re about 15 or 16 people, from children to grandchildren. Then we spend a day somewhere in the mountains, isolated and spending time together.” , Says the singer.


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