AGI – “The peace agreement with Russia may consist of two separate documents, one relating to security guarantees for Ukraine, and the other relating to direct relations with the Russian Federation.” This is the position expressed by the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, in an interview resumed by Ukranska Pravda.

Russia wants everything in one document but given what happened in Bucha, conditions are changingHe added, noting that the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Turkey and Italy had expressed their willingness to act as a guarantor, but there was still no final confirmation.

Italy offered itself as guarantor

Italy is among the countries that have offered to guarantee the security of Ukraine, in the event that an agreement is reached with Moscow on Kyiv’s neutral status. The confirmation came from the Ukrainian president himself. “Currently we don’t have any two sites yet but there is a presentation (interesting, editor) from Johnson, Great Britain, USA, Italy, Turkey,” Zelensky explained, “I think there will be a separate commitment from the European Union.”

Mariupol and the possible suspension of negotiations

For Zelensky, the destruction of the defenders of Mariupol would lead to the termination of negotiations with Russia. The Kyiv leader made it clear that the Russians want to surrender and that Ukraine is not.Russia’s confidence in light of the 2014 Battle of Ilovsk, when pro-Russian militants killed unarmed Ukrainian soldiers“The defenders of Mariupol are fighting in a ratio of one to six,” Zelensky added, “they need heavy weapons as quickly as possible.”

“The situation in Mariupol is very difficult. Our forces are surrounded, the wounded are shielded,” Zelensky continued, “there is a humanitarian crisis, no food, no water, no medicine. However, the boys are defending. And there are not. There are enough words to thank them, so negotiations are underway. Frankly, There is no confidence in the negotiators of Mariupol. ”

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