Draghi dumps Greta, Sarkozy

The former French president Nicolas Sarkozy They will put electronic monitoring. They will put a bracelet on him: they convicted him of illegal financing during the 2012 election campaign. As they say in these cases, he who laughs last laughs well

– Domenico Mimo Lucano convicted. We remain assured. But on the left begins the festival of hypocrisy. The same people who considered the initial ruling on the negotiations a “historic decision”, which was later rejected on appeal, now consider the decision against the immigration champion “exaggerated”. Pathetic

– In all of this Tg1, this is the main Italian news programme, has “punctured” the news of the conviction of San Mimo Lucano. Will it be a coincidence?

– I saw pictures of the climate protests in Milan. In one of them you can see the road paved with graffiti with green slogans. What did they make? It is clear that with spray cans, what scientists consider to be more polluting than automobile emissions. evil genes

– after, after Racket An immigrant, we were missing out on ecologist Carola. Those that okkupa forests oversee the land of the peasants. I invite you to read his “program” (here) against climate change: a kind of green social Seasoned with the happy growth of barbecue mold. horror

– Digos, as part of an investigation into President Draghi’s web threats, has also “captured” some fake social profiles in the name of the former banker. A person who does not even know how social networks are made finds himself with fake profiles: beautiful

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– The rays, who aspires to become mayor of Rome for those who wanted to open parliament such as caddy, chemtrails etc., believes that “Draghi’s continuity at Palazzo Chigi is important at this time”. The world and politics are changing rapidly.

– Doctor Suggests No Vax Extension basic income For those who cannot work because of the green lane. Now, one can also criticize the procedure adopted to promote grafting, but pampering anyone with rotisserie handles seems to me objectively too much.

– On the other hand, the immunologist proposes the opposite idea: that is, to remove the minimum income from those who do not have green lane. Here, too, a pathetic veil: the DRC should be reviewed in general, not paying income earners to vaccinate against Covid

– according to search, to be very lazyAs most Italian seniors do, it will be a very lucrative job. In practice, if children pay their parents to take care of their grandchildren, they will have to pay about 3,200 euros.

– Of all of Draghi’s speech at the Greens’ Christmas, I’m going to pick only this one here. It’s about accusing Greta Thumberg For the powerful of the world to just say Baluch Liberation Army (BLA) BLA without producing facts. Super Mario replied a little upset: “When you accuse us of only doing del Baluch Liberation Army (BLA) BLA You must understand that sometimes this is a way to hide behind our inability to perform certain actions. But sometimes it is very useful that we need words to convince all people, for example, that the question of staying within 1.5 ° C is not slogans created from imaginary situations, but numbers that come from science. Citizens must be persuaded.” Put it in place

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aridje, they used to say in Rome. L ‘Ecdc issues another alarm. According to the European Center for Disease Prevention, European Union countries that have not yet achieved high enough vaccination coverage against Covid-19 and plan to ease restrictions in the next two weeks are at high risk of suffering a significant increase in cases, hospitalizations and deaths between now and the end of November. Translator: New Wave. But the real news is something else. Indeed, according to ECDC “fully vaccinated vulnerable individuals,” I repeat, “fully vaccinated,” “remain at risk of infection with serious outcomes.” So pay attention.


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