ASM Clermont - Ulster : clés et faits d

Because of the Covid that affected the ASM, employees have notably had to review the composition of their spouse from their backs. In scrum, if Bézy returns two months after his knee injury, he will go through the bench stage.

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Suddenly, three years after his great anonymity Timiشوارoara debut in defiance, Villallard will experience a baptism of fire in the Champions Cup. Together with Hanrahan (see contrast), he would form an entirely new hinge. The opening position on the seat will be covered by the young Michet.

Damien Benaud vs ASM Clermont-Ulster: ‘No more reaction’

side effects

While he would appear at the start of the 15th season, Cancoriet tested positive for Covid this Thursday and was naturally left out of the group for this match. This scenario, seen through the small lens of the EPCR, also prohibits unvaccinated players (even if they test negative) from participating in the meeting. Hence the absence of Mwala and Matsushima…

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Dispensary and selection

In addition to long-term injuries, note the absence of Parra (wrist), Fofana (ishio), Naqalevu (hand), Fourcade and Fischer, always avoided after concussions. They were not selected in the group by choosing the flat column and the second row Jdarsiak.

ASM – Ulster: Covid disrupts Clermont’s plans, forcing to review the composition of its backlines

Beheregaray continues

With twenty stints in six seasons, Bearn Hooker will start the second European Cup match of his career, after two years (December 2019) a win (34-17) for ASM in Bath. With his sixth starting line-up this season (in 13 games), Beheregaray asserts that he is the most frequently used prostitute by Juno Gibbs.

Hanrahan, waiting at the corner

It was revealed to the public in Claremont when Monster came a year ago. Since his arrival at ASM, the same audience has remained somewhat dissatisfied. Lopez (communication bag) package, J.J. Hanrahan has the opportunity to show the editorial that he really has shoulders.

Christophe Boron


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