Great Britain closes its doors to Italian graduates: 'Excluded from special visa'

From next May 30th Great Britain will be fired”private visa“in order to Alumni People from all over the world who intend to move to the UK to study or work. but in the listbest universitiesDrafted by the British government, as confirmed by journalist Luigi Ippolito, London correspondent for the Corriere della SeraThere is not even a single Italian university.

“Special visa”

The scale, or if you prefer, is part of the post-Britain’s exit from the European Union to switch between immigration form Focus on providing labor from Europe (low cost, let’s face it) in order to attract talent and professionals from all over the world. So no more young “jacks” to use as dishwashers or waiters at pub tables. In this sense, the special visa will be used for selection.”notable individuals“- a person of high potential- can stay for 2/3 years (only three if you have already obtained a Ph.D.) in a foreign land. Minimum. Qualifications must have been obtained at one of the universities listed”The best universities in the worldDrafted by the British government.

There are no Italian universities in the list

Italian universities outside the English language department. Among the happy owners, even the Normal di Pisa, the Bocconi and the Politecnico di Milano are missing. On the other hand, 37 graduates are welcome Universities Considered “the best in the world”. Or at least, they are for Times Higher Education Rankings, QS World University Rankings and Academic Rankings of World Universities. American colleges (Harvard, Yale and the “usual” suspects) remain at the top of the list of preferences while there are only five European universities on the list: the two Swiss polytechnics, Lausanne and Zurich, and the University of Munich in Germany, whose Sciences and Arts in Paris – the former École Normale – and Karolinska in Stockholm.

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Visa cost

it is obvious that private visa It has a cost. To get it you have to put your hand in your wallet: 715 pounds (about 900 euros) to which you must add about 750 euros a year from the English Health Service contribution. As if that were not enough, you need to prove that you have 1,270 pounds (about 1,500 euros) in your bank account. While you are in Great Britain, you can work towards obtaining a permanent visa. “A switch that really works: While EU arrivals have collapsed, there has been a boom in recent years in the entry of technicians, engineers and the like from Asia and Africa. – Ippoliti writes – The upshot is that leaving Europe did not involve closing the gates, but widening them for a different kind of migration: which would now also include individuals of high potential.Except for the Italians.


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