Qualifying for the 2022 World Cup |  The United States equalized in the Jamaica draw

(Los Angeles) Four days after the decisive victory over Mexico (2-0), the United States has not confirmed its progress, with a 1-1 win over Jamaica on Tuesday in the qualifying round (USA North, Central America and the Caribbean) for the 2022 World Cup.

Timothy Vea’s opening goal (11e), Well found by Ricardo Pepi on the left side of the penalty area, however he suggested that the Americans were driven by the same positive momentum against the Mexicans.

But eleven minutes later Michael Antonio equalized with an amazing long shot from just below the crossbar.

While the United States were not dangerous, the Jamaican players missed the boat twice at the start of the second half, with a quick sequel to J-van Watson and Bobby de Cordova-Reid.

They were denied even one goal in 84 overse For a minute, Damien Lowe was guilty of relying too much on the opponent’s defender to keep his head in the referee.

While this draw is finally happy and small enough to live up to their expectations, the Americans have temporarily held the head of the team, with one point more than Mexico, to play a dangerous game under the snow in Edmonton in Canada in the evening.

But if the winner is selected at the end of these 8 they will lose ite Daytime.

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