Patrick Lange Challenge Roth 2021 won
You remember Patrick Lange Challenge Roth 2021 won. This was his first long-distance victory on German soil.

Patrick Lange won the challenge at 7:19:19. In his Roth premiere, he won a high marathon and celebrated the second long distance victory of the year. Unusually fast time is the result of reducing the bike distance to a good ten kilometers. Niles took second place eleven minutes later after a fight with Lange after switching to running from Fromholt. Felix Henschel finished the stage and took the second stage of his career, after finishing third at Ironman 70.3 rappers.

The first group of seven sets the tone

After the opening signal for the first challenging Roth race for more than two years, a swimming team quickly formed in front of Roth Rookie Patrick Lange with the favorites for the day’s victory. Seven athletes, including Sebastian Gianle and Franz Loshke, parted ways with their followers. The top group was then together throughout the swim. Meanwhile, Lange, Bradon Curie and Australian Nick Castellin took the lead as they left the main Donoie Canal 47-27 minutes later.

Followers around Kienle and Loshke had to lose a lot behind this group at the start of the race and it was four minutes in the 3.8km.

Kienle gives up and Jepuntke plays

Peter Hemerick, who defended Gona’s place in Frankfurt, pushed himself forward in the changing tent and led the lead team early on. After a good 15 kilometers, Sebuntke struck the mind and started the attack. Andreas Droids was able to catch the slight deficit after the swim and close the gap to the circle of leaders. Meanwhile, the Franconian showed himself to the head of the field and set the pace, but then had to quickly allow Sebuntke to pull back, which immediately tore a gap and set himself apart from the other players. Meanwhile, Gianle fell further down and was about ten minutes behind the leading Dசsseldorf ride 70km ahead. After hi-tech, the world champion gave up racing – the first DNF for Kienle after the challenge Daytona last December.

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Shortly before the end of the bike course, Lange and Nils took the lead on the Fromholt chase team and took a break in the trades. Ruben Sebuntke first landed his time-tested bike after 3:50 p.m. Lange and Fromholt, about three minutes followed. Traits had to lose a few more minutes towards the end, and two followers were three minutes behind. Philip Phalke, who had shown strong racing until then, finished fifth.

Impossible, irrelevant

On the running track, Lange had already closed the gap for Sebuntke after six kilometers and gained a confident lead. It seems he doesn’t want to let success snatch away from him. At the half marathon mark, he was four minutes ahead of Frommholt, advancing to second place. Sent via Zepuntke backend. Pahlke advanced to third, but Felix Henschel caught him with 30 seconds per kilometer.

However, for Patrick Long, it was no longer tight. On the contrary: in his Roth premiere he won the race at 7:19:19, eleven minutes later clearly ahead of Nils FromHold. Henschel actually crossed the Pahlke and took the second professional stage of his career with a 2:35:40 hour marathon. Franz Lஷsch was fifth behind Braden Curie. Andreas Treats finished seventh in his own race.

Challenge Roth 2021 | Men

September 05, 2021 | Roth (Germany)

Location Name Land Total 3,8 km swimming 170 km bike 42 km run
1 Patrick Lange GER 7:19:19 47:28 3:50:32 2:38:30
2 Niles Fromholt GER 7:30:31 47:41 3:50:30 2:49:44
3 Felix Henschel GER 7:31:12 51:52 3:59:53 2:35:40
4 Philip Phalke GER 7:33:19 47:32 3:53:52 2:48:25
5 Franz Lஷschke GER 7:40:52 51:40 4:00:11 2:45:21
6 Christoph Mattner GER 7:47:08 53:43 4:10:15 2:40:31
7 Braden Curie NZL 7:49:36 47:32 4:07:47 2:51:31
8 Andreas Treats GER 7:51:32 48:17 3:52:17 3:07:36
9 Chris Tells GER 7:51:58 53:45 4:09:49 2:45:05
10 Thomas Davis GPR 7:55:52 47:30 4:08:49 2:56:16
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