Starlink acquires the rights to broadcast online in the country - El Financiero

Starlink Satellite Systems, owned by Elon Musk, acquired for 10 years the rights to broadcast and receive satellite wireless Internet signals in Mexico from the Federal Institute of Communications (IFT).

“By an official letter IFT/223/UCS/952/2021 dated May 24, 2021 (…) the Federal Institute of Telecommunications (…) has decided to grant permission to exploit the rights to transmit and receive signals and frequency bands associated with foreign satellite systems that cover and can PROVIDES SERVICES IN THE NATIONAL TERRITORY FOR STARLINK SATELLITE SYSTEMS MEXICO, S. DE RL DE CV”, document details.

On April 2, Starlink Satellite Systems Mexico, S. DE RL DE CV, through its legal representative, submitted an application for a permit to IFT to exploit the rights to transmit and receive bandwidth signals associated with satellite systems. It can provide services in the national territory.

In light of this, the Communications Regulatory Authority explained to El Financiero that the permission it granted Starlink is only for the rights to broadcast and receive signals, so Elon Musk will request one concession to be able to provide communication services in the country.

“In the event that an authorized (Starlink) intends to provide services to individuals or legal entities other than those designated as Users, it shall have one commercial use privilege or the relevant public telecommunications network privilege granted prior to entry in force by law,” the document explains.

Starlink is now offering an initial beta service internationally and is seeking to expand its coverage in 2021. According to the company, its internet service is ideal for rural areas, providing high-speed broadband connectivity to otherwise inaccessible sites. reliable or not fully available.

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Elon Musk currently offers internet plans in the US for $99 with browsing speeds of 1Gbps.

Through his company SpaceX, he is using his expertise in building rockets and spacecraft to implement a large-scale internet system.


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