Bouhadi's one ball against Zhou reduced OL's weight

Sarah Bouhadi’s error in the first leg of the quarter-finals of the Women’s Champions League against Juventus OL. Ron opened the club score, however.

The volleyball game started again. Olympique Lyonnais conceded a 2-1 defeat to Juventus on Wednesday evening in Turin in the quarterfinals of the Women’s Champions League. However, from the 8th minute, the Lyonnais took advantage of the American international player Katarina McCarthy. But in the 71st minute, when Ellie Carpenter was awarded a red card for exceeding the OL lead, Piancorner was able to equalize following a total error by Sarah Bouhadi.

On a cross from the right, the Leon goalkeeper tried to catch the ball in two stages. But despite the situation seeming to be under control, she could not avoid Italian midfielder Ariana Caruso, who was touring the area. The touch made him miss the ball, which left Christiana Greilly with the opportunity to equalize the empty goal in any opportunism.

This goal should not fail to get people to talk because they can ask for a ban from Bouhaddi Caruso. The legal suspicion relates to a possible touchdown shortly before the crucifixion by Madeleine Lundorf Schovsen. Reprints, however, did not allow for a definitive conclusion that the white line had been fully crossed.

Return match on March 31st

After checking the images with the help of video (VAR) for the jury, the target was verified in any way. Joe then took control of the game in the 83rd minute through Agnes Ponfontini.

The return game of this quarter is scheduled for Thursday, March 31 in Lyon (9pm). Like men, the fate of most goals scored outside the home is no longer there.

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