(Motorsport-Total.com) – In the opening match of Formula 1 season in Bahrain, comedian Mick Schumacher missed his first Formula 1 World Championship point by eleven, while teammate Kevin Magnussen was able to finish in a thrilling fifth.

Mick Schumacher scored the brakes during the race in Bahrain

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After the race, the German was openly disappointed: “It’s a shame it did not work. It was a tough day because we had too much speed. But Kevin did better, and I’m happy for the team.”

In the early stages, Schumacher was able to move up two places to tenth, before being replaced by fifth-placed Estaben O’Connor. “Unfortunately, I was contacted on the first lap, but was able to bring the car straight with a sleek twist. But after that the tires were gone,” Schumacher said.

No hate on Ogon

However, he was not angry with the offender Okan, who had to enjoy a five-second penalty at the first bit stop for his offense. “The first lap is always tight because we’re racing here,” says Schumacher.

While this is an unusual place to go ahead, “there are so many maneuvers when you least expect it.” After that, Schumacher also braked incorrectly a few times, which caused the tires to “turn round rather than round”.

There appears to be no obvious damage to the VF-22 after the spin, but then the car is “not well” to the shoemaker.

Hope for the upcoming matches

“Kevin was able to drive wonderful times when I could not, so I have to understand whether it was Nana or Kara,” the German said at a loss.

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However, he’s happy for the entire Haas team: “It’s incredible. When I was driving, I heard the whole team on the team radio. It gives me confidence. We can stay consistent on points and then be confident in both cars.”

He is optimistic about the upcoming races because it’s not going to be too hard “to bring the issues under control. Hoss driver, who hopes to get into the top 5 soon, says, “The car has a lot of unused capabilities yet.

Ralph Schumacher: “Mick has to stretch now”

Team captain Gunder Steiner understood Schumacher’s performance: “He was close with Mick, he had a little trouble at first. He’s in good shape now because he can see better now and see what he can do. Within points.”

At the same time, Steiner insists that “the wind is blowing thinner here” because Germany now has a competing car.

Schumacher enlists the support of his uncle Ralph: “Ogon’s condition was nonsense, after which the car was definitely not in good condition.

The ski expert takes advantage of the team’s current situation: “Mick needs to stretch a bit now, but that’s part of it. A young driver needs that and he can use it as a guide. In the end it will be a bad weekend for him but he will learn a lot from it.”


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