Boris Johnson was saved from a Conservative no-confidence vote for the party's party: in his favour in 211. But his victory is tarnished: the opposition is growing

He’s won 211 to 148, but his majority is just a little over the bottom line. Boris Johnson Saved from a vote of no confidence in conservatives on me Party Gate He remains the leader of the Conservatives therefore Prime Minister subordinate United kingdomBut despite heralded optimism, it will be necessary to see in the coming months what happens to his leadership. The decision within the party came after weeks in which colleagues’ discontent seemed to grow gradually, also after the publication of a newspaper gray report On the feasts set up by the management members, and some of them have already given their feasts Resignation. With the secret vote within the group, the last leave of the possibility of resignation on the issue of holidays a Downing Street with the UK in CloseBasically the story ends because the Tory group organization allows no more than one Vote of no confidence per year subject to change. This is how I quoted Johnson Press Associationsaid his government can now “to go forward” after the result masked And the “Decisive”.

True, on the one hand, because the consequences for the British Prime Minister were limited to one Fine caused by policeif we exclude the decrease in Surveys. But the apparent split in the party is also a reality, given that the required majority was 180. Divisions that weaken the party and could lead to new shocks in the future on other issues on the political agenda. The secret ballot on his immediate fate, consumed in two hours of voting among 359 MPs from the super-majority that won the House of Commons in December 2019, has in fact decreed distorted victory. 148 in favor of distrust is a drain, if we consider that the confidence of a hundred Senior voters It looked armored at first, being MinistersAnd the Ministries Undersecretaries or junior government positions “on the payroll” in his or her government. “The Beginning of the End,” even according to some commentators who note that opposition It was relatively higher than that of Theresa May in 2018, who got away with it, but had to resign after 5 months. or a Margaret Thatcherwhich in 1990 – offended by more treachery snipers Than he expected – he finally threw in the towel within hours.

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In short, the trust was tighter than expected, marred by the rejection of scores of MPs from all directions – moderate or pro-Brexit, veteran or novice – including recent stabs of Johnson’s veterans like Jesse Norman Or figures on parties such as the outgoing anti-corruption Caesar John Penrose, who explicitly accused him of violating the integrity of ministerial standards (that is, lying) on ​​Partygate. Words which promise nothing certain for Pogo’s future, though in general of grace against any further attempt to discourage him, after bypassing the vote, guarantee him the rules of the Board of Governors. However, the rules can be modified, as the chairman of the 1922 commission had already warned.

The vote within the party came after the number of letters of no confidence he sent Rebel MPs to me 1922 Committee – The internal body of the Conservative Party group responsible for gathering initiatives of this kind and calling for a vote on the leader at the event – rose to 54 at the end of the week. A number of protesters made sure to formalize their membership no later than Sunday afternoon, in order to release the announcement after the four days of public celebrations ended. Platinum Jubilee Without disturbing the party for the 70 years of the era Queen Elizabeth Closed on Sunday.


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