In Athens (Greece) in an “angry room” two people break things to leave steam. Illustrative photo. (CHRIS KISSADJEKIAN / XINHUA / MAXPPP)

Prisons, curfews, closed schools, teleworking … all of these can leave you feeling depressed for a long time. Or, conversely, you want to explode, break everything, destroy it, shout to release your frustration! In the United States, there are places for it: “rooms of rage” or “rooms of rage”, rooms of anger. Approved and legal framework for violent behavior.

In California, the concept has been around for ten years – nowhere else in the world – but over the months, the number of reservations has risen in this state (53,000 deaths a year), most dramatically affected by the epidemic.

Here’s the policy: you are given a discount for wearing your clothes, gloves, and helmet with a safety visor, and you choose your tool: hammer, sledgehammer, baseball bat or cockpit. The room you enter has computer screens, furniture, mirrors, shelves, and you can place music that you feel good about. You go there. Absolutely!

We usually pay depending on the number of items that can be broken. In a gym in the city of Los Angeles, the opening set takes 20 minutes to clear a few glasses, a large object and 15 medium sizes. All for $ 80. With additional options, computer tower or crates of crackers. Even a pinata for the festive side if your birthday. The pinnacle of “car smashing”: for $ 750 you can come together and get behind a car for an hour. If you need extra motivation, nothing will stop you from mentioning the word “corona virus” or “telework” in the windows as you prepare to explode. You can even go out with a souvenir t-shirt.

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Is this entirely a phenomenon? To ask the managers of these rooms to take advantage of the ambient climate of sinistrosis, this structured destructive rage has healing properties.

Of course when you break up, you feel lighter … but this release is only a temporary emotional outburst, which will not resolve much – and will not prevent the infection from re-occurring once it returns to your home. Country. Some psychologists may even find a way to counteract those with aggressive tendencies.

Anyway, this concept attracts more and more followers, including in France (from Dream to Hots-de-France via Paris!).


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