Joe Biden’s first sacred address

Washington | U.S. President Joe Biden speaks out Thursday to defend his grand plan to support the economy, but highlights the amazing progress of the anti-Govt vaccine, which recommends getting out of the epidemic.

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On the 50th day of his decree, he will deliver his first solemn address at 8:00 p.m.

“I’m going to talk about all the events of the past year, but, most importantly, what’s going to come next,” he explained Wednesday.

“There are real reasons to believe, I swear to you,” he cleaned up. “We see the light at the end of the tunnel.”

Despite opposition from Republicans condemning extravagant and poorly targeted spending, Democrats in the House of Representatives approved a $ 1.9 trillion plan on Wednesday, a staggering equivalent of Italy’s GDP.

Joe Biden hailed “a historic victory for the Americans” and expressed his desire to go and defend the plan, which will be signed across the United States on Friday.

He is scheduled to travel to Pennsylvania on Tuesday as the first step in a series of trips.

More than 525,000 died

He has been in talks with the nation for a year to a day since the World Health Organization (WHO) decided to declare COVID-19 an epidemic.

The latter killed more than 525,000 lives in the United States, the world’s largest economy shrinking 3.5% last year, its worst year since World War II.

Thanks to congressional green light, millions of Americans will receive $ 400 billion in direct aid checks.

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The scheme also extends exceptional unemployment benefits until September, which expires on March 14th.

The law allocates $ 126 billion to reopen schools, from kindergarten to high school, in defiance of the epidemic, and in support of 350 billion states and local communities.

In support of the vaccine campaign, the White House has announced that it wants to buy an additional 100 million doses from Johnson & Johnson, which will double the number of doses the United States has ordered from the drug company.

The United States has already issued orders for all American adults to receive the vaccine by the end of May, thanks to two vaccines approved in the country, the Pfizer / Bioendech Alliance and the US Government’s Moderna. Has ordered 300 million quantities each.

But the White House tenant insisted on being prepared for possible setbacks.

“We need maximum flexibility. (…) A lot of things can happen and we have to be prepared,” he stressed.

“If we have surplus, we will share it with other parts of the world,” he said.

From his club in Mar-e-Lago, Florida, his Republican predecessor Donald Trump sought to investigate Wednesday night.

“I hope all Americans will remember when they received the COVID-19 vaccine. If I were not president, you would not have received this wonderful ‘injection’ five years ago,” he wrote in a brief statement.

“I hope everyone remembers this!”, Added one who did not rule out running in 2024, despite failing at the end of his first term.


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