Netherlands, Wilders will not be prime minister.  We are heading towards the government by technicians –

Dutch far-right anti-Islam leader Geert Wilders has announced that he will not become prime minister due to a lack of support from the political parties he is trying to form a ruling coalition with. “I cannot become prime minister unless all parties in the coalition support me. “That was not the case,” Wilders said about four months after the general election.

Dutch media reported a breakthrough that could lead to the formation of a caretaker government. The supervisor of the negotiations, who is scheduled to submit a key report tomorrow, said that after two days of “good” and “intensive” talks, the political parties are ready to take the “next step” towards forming the government.

Wilders surprised the Netherlands and the rest of Europe by winning the elections last November. His team had the most votes, with 23.5%. The leader of the Party for Freedom (PVV) initially tried to form a government majority with the liberal VVD, the agrarian BBB and the centrist New Social Contract party. But the talks ended in a deadlock last month.

“I want a right-wing government. Less asylum and immigration. “Dutch first,” Wilders said. He added: “The love for my country and my voters is great and more important than my position,” despite regularly expressing his desire to lead the country.

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