The United States has announced that it will soon be the “leader” in global access to the vaccine against measles, after disclosing supply contracts for a dose of 2.5 million in Mexico and 1.5 million in Canada.

Anthony Blinken, the head of US diplomacy, announced on Monday, March 29, that the United States will become the “leader” in the coming months for access to the Covit-19 vaccine, after initial contributions in Mexico and Canada.

China and Russia are increasingly announcing worldwide dosage delivery, which is part of a “vaccine diplomacy”.

Washington has announced deals to send $ 2.5 million to Mexico and $ 1.5 million to Canada, with tens of thousands of doses of AstraZeneca vaccine that have not yet received the green light from US health officials.

“I anticipate that more can be done around the world as we continue to provide immunizations to the entire American population,” Secretary of State Anthony Blinkon said in a virtual exchange with reporters including the United Nations, while accelerating the US vaccination campaign.

“In the coming months, I hope the United States will be at the forefront of guaranteeing access to vaccines worldwide,” he said.

Eligibility limit

Joe Biden announced Monday that 90% of adults nationwide will qualify for the first dose within three weeks. The U.S. president has said from the beginning that he would prioritize the American people, before considering giving surplus vaccines to other countries, and then lag behind in their own campaign.

Other vaccination efforts

The Secretary of State particularly recalled that Washington had contributed $ 2 billion to Kovacs, a World Health Organization (WHO) tool for the benefit of the most backward countries, and promised to pay another $ 2 billion by 2022. As other countries increase their contribution “.

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He also noted the initiative launched by Joe Biden with his colleagues in Japan, Australia and India in mid-March, with the aim of producing one billion with Japanese and US funding, with an Indian company and Australian logistics specifically to distribute them in Southeast Asia. The move was presented as a firm move by the US to oppose China.


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