Leon Marchand, 6th in the 400m medley at the Tokyo Olympics: 'It was great'

“How did you experience this final, where you placed sixth?
It was great, it’s final, something I’ve never experienced before and totally different sensations compared to other races. I am very happy though with my time, it is still close to my best even if not my best (4’9”65, France record), still close to my best, especially at a time like this. I’m sixth, better than last night (he had the seventh time in qualifying on Saturday), it’s great.

In general, the final was slower than the series. Was the playoffs on Saturday night and the final on Sunday morning complicated?
It was so complicated, we finished late last night (Saturday), between physiotherapy and food… Sunday morning we had to get up early, it’s very different from the normal program. Then I think we were sleepy the night before the final, a lot of the swimmers gave everything they had last night.

She tried to start faster than in qualifying, and I was in the lead after the 100m…
I tried to start a little faster in the first 200 metres, and unfortunately I crashed a little bit at the end. I wanted to try a different tactic, now it’s time to try things out. Maybe next time it will pass.


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