Two girls in a kayak swallowed by a whale, the video goes viral on the web

Scary video showing a whale emerging from the water and swallowing two girls in a kayak: it was filmed live.

One of the most famous scenes in the Disney movie “Pinocchio” is definitely the scene in which the wooden doll and its creator, Geppetto, are swallowed by a large whale in the middle of the sea.

An episode you thought could never happen in real life, but it did Two girls were on kayaks.

Creepy video shows a whale swallowing two girls in a kayak (

Liz Cottrell And Julie McSorleyAt the time of the amazing event, two girls with a passion for nautical exploration were kayaking off Avila Beach, a beach on the California coast.

It is a very popular spot for whale watching, especially whales humpback whaleswhich is famous for its spectacular leaps from the surface of the water: a feature which makes it very appreciated.Whale watchers“all over the world.

The amazing power of whales: they should not be underestimated

Whales are the largest and heaviest animals in the world, especially the humpback whale, which can weigh as much as up to 40 tons. As many know, they are cetaceans that feed mainly on krill and small aquatic organisms and are certainly not hungry for human flesh, but that does not mean that they are completely harmless.

The amazing leap of a humpback whale (

Its impressive size is combined with its ability to quickly and suddenly move a huge amount of cubic meters of water It could be a serious danger Both for showers and for boats.

Even a simple blow to the tail fin by these large marine animals can be fatal, not to mention seeing a 40-ton humpback whale leaping onto it after one of the jumps.

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Whale swallows two girls in a kayak: the terrifying video

The video was captured by a kayaker who was nearby, who was also intent on enjoying the amazing whale dance.

Suddenly a large humpback whale comes out of the water very quickly and opens its mouth. Literally engulfing two girls who were on his way on a kayak.

Luckily, the two girls are safe and well, escaping with some bruises from the spectacular collision with the cetaceans that catapulted them into the air and sent them tumbling into the water.

The whale was intended It feeds on a school of small fish Whoever at that moment was jumping on the surface of the water, but bad luck would have happened that the two girls also ran past them at that moment.

In fact, this is not the first time such an episode has occurred. In the past, even A.J The whale swallowed the submarine and then spat it out.


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